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Winterizing lawn sprinklers can seem like a daunting task for so many homeowners. There are so many different approaches and suggestions from “do it yourself” to professional closings that can leave your sprinkler head spinning!

Some people say that winterizing lawn sprinklers isn’t necessary. Do you even need to close it? And if so do you NEED a professional? What is the best option for YOU and closing your lawn sprinkler system? The first step to making any decisions around winterizing lawn sprinklers is to first understand why those decisions are important. At Netherton Lawn Sprinklers, we want to help you protect your system so you can rely on it for years to come.

Much like the pipes in your home,and perhaps more so, lawn sprinkler parts and pipes need to be protected from the harsh conditions of winter. An irrigation professional takes in to consideration the freeze and thaw of our seasons when designing and installing a system, taking every precaution to make sure the parts of your system are as protected from the elements as possible with no maintenance or worry on your part.

However, simple design precautions are not enough to protect a system from the increasingly colder, frostier bite that winter brings. So is it worth it to call a professional for sprinkler closing and winterizing? the answer to that is a resounding YES !!


The Benefits of Closing & Winterizing Lawn Sprinklers.

3. Keeps the system clean and free of debris.

Having a professional there to close your system for the season keeps your system free of potentially damaging debris that may have clogged and settled in the pipes. When winterizing lawn sprinklers, It’s important to make sure the pipes are clear. This is especially important at the end of summer/ fall when your system may have accumulated any grass clippings, leaves,etc over the duration of its operating season.

2. Protects pipes and parts.

Professional irrigation specialists use a number of techniques when winterizing a sprinkler system. The team at Netherton takes time and care to make sure that when we close your system, we are using the most advanced, accurate, and efficient practices to clear the system of excess water and debris. Making sure your system is clear of any water or debris is vital when going in to the winter months because, if left in the system, they can cause costly damage that requires repairs or replacement of parts and pipes.

1.Saves you money.

A properly winterized system will protect all the systems parts from the elements of nature. How does this save you money? When closed correctly for the season, there is little to no chance of damage due to debris or water left in the pipes That means you won’t have to worry about costly repairs and part replacements come next season. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy your landscape because your system will be in perfect working order.

So now the only question is…when will YOU call Netherton Lawn Sprinklers for YOUR sprinkler winterizing? Call our team today with any questions or to book a no obligation appointment about winterizing or maintenance needs.

At Netherton Lawn Sprinklers, YOUR lawn is OUR business!