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About Us

Our Company

At Netherton Lawn Sprinklers, we want our customers to know more about us and what we do! For over 16 years, our team has provided our customers with the best products and even better service. We take care of everything from installation to repairs to seasonal maintenance, no matter what make or model your system is. Our staff takes pride in YOUR project and we are happy to service the Simcoe county area, and beyond. Call Netherton Lawn Sprinklers for your irrigation needs and spend your time enjoying your lawn and garden…without the worry.


The Benefits of Irrigation

Saves Time!

Adding a lawn sprinkler to your property saves YOU valuable time. You can spend your free time enjoying your lawn and garden without the hassle and worry of maintenance. A well planned lawn sprinkler system will water your plants perfectly, consistently and on a schedule. You never need to worry about when to water again. Instead you can relax and enjoy knowing that it’s already done!

Saves Money!

A well planned and well implemented sprinkler system can dramatically enhance your lawn and garden. The best part? It can save you money while it does! A well thought out system from the experts at Netherton Lawn Sprinklers will water your property effectively and consistently, every time. Our team takes in to consideration time, cost, water consumption and value before AND after every installation. That way, YOU can be sure that your irrigation is always going to perform at it’s best while keeping your property stunning.

Keeps your Plants Healthy!

Our lawns and Gardens are influenced by so many factors from season to season. Each property is unique and has different watering requirements in order to keep your plants in the best form possible in ANY season. A lawn sprinkler system will provide your plants with a steady and consistent watering routine so you never have to worry about over or under watering again. Our team is here to make sure your lawn sprinkler system lets your landscape grows, blooms, and WOW’s in any condition and every season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lawn sprinkler system affordable?
At Netherton Lawn Sprinklers, our team is committed to creating a project for you that stays on budget AND saves you money on your water bills.
Does my sprinkler system need to be maintained and serviced?
Yes. To protect your investment and ensure it’s long term reliability, your sprinkler system will need to be maintained and serviced seasonally. Netherton offers our customers seasonal opening and closing to make sure it stays in working order, as well as mid season tune ups and repairs as necessary.
Will it take long to install a sprinkler system at my home?
There is no standard frame for any project because each property is unique and every system is customized for maximum efficiency and value. However, our company prides itself on getting every project completed in a timely manner so YOU have more time to enjoy it.
How will a sprinkler change my landscape?
Not at all! Our sprinkler systems are integrated so seamlessly in to your landscape you won’t even notice that they are there! In fact, a Netherton lawn sprinkler system will dramatically IMPROVE your landscape by giving you healthy, more vibrant plants.
What happens to my system in the winter?
When the season is over, Netherton is here to close your system down for the winter to prevent any damage to parts. We pride ourselves on offering the best maintenance and seasonal closing service in the industry and are happy to help you with your new OR existing lawn sprinkler system.